Trends: Succulents for Weddings

The bouquet is the showpiece of wedding flowers, and what better way for a bride to express her personality than choosing a bouquet as unique as she is? Succulents have become a popular option for adding texture and style to wedding flowers. And they have gone beyond bouquets, often seen in boutonnieres, centerpieces, and on cakes. Succulents can be found to coordinate with any color palette, from icy greys and blues to spring greens. We chose these succulents with a red toned center to complement a palette of blush, navy, and burgundy for a client’s recent wedding in the Adirondacks.

Most succulents naturally grow close to the ground and with a short stem. When used in bridal bouquets and wedding work, the florist must add an artificial stem so the succulents can be securely held within the arrangement. Succulents can also be brittle, so care must be taken to avoid knocking leaves off the rosettes.

One sweet added benefit of including succulents in your wedding flowers? They can be planted after the event! By removing the artificial stem and placing the base of the succulent in contact with soil, it may begin to root. It’s a fabulous way to keep a living piece of your wedding day!

Succulent Cake Topper
A cake topper includes a large succulent.